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    Thank you for visiting. Wachusett Survey Solutions can guide you to the right positioning system that fits your application. From survey & engineering to construction and GIS Applications, software and hardware from world-leading brands can be found here. 


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Need a simple layout software? Meet Carlson Layout. For android devices only.
Learn More Here

Think you can collect that shot in canopy? Think again. The Carlson BRX7. Learn More Here

The Carlson RTK5 Network Rover
live update with ESRI in survey quality. Complete Setup Only $8,995.00! 
Learn More Here


Tap on a supported brand to learn more on their respective sites:


Brand Catalogues: Carlson | Stonex | Keson | Seco | NEDO | Sitepro | Geomax | Schondstedt | NIkon | Spectra

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