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Why should you buy this robot? Simple, it will allow you to complete your work flow from field to finish with Carlson. Get reliable robot designed to be used with Carlson software, data collectors & office software. Eliminate the support nightmares of the past & if you haven't 'been there' yet just ask a couple other companies using robots. One stop support, excellent feature set and an affordable price make the CRx (A5) series robot a profitable solution for your company. All the functionality of a new robot design & none of the gimmicky, pushed out to early, 'please pay a premium' features other major brands would separate to sell you.  It tracks you fast, accurately and with fewer problems and quicker resolutions if they occur thanks to direct Carlson support. Keep your crews earning money not spending down time with experimental robots pushed to market far too early. Learn more about the exciting features and specifications of CRx  series below. Get the job done.

Carlson CRx 2" (A5/500m) Robotic Total station

  • This item includes the  CRx Robotic Total Station, Hard Carry Case (including carry strap) and the following:

    p/n: 8040.044.002 1 ZRT82 LRBT Radio Handle

    p/n: 8040.058.010 1 ZBA400, Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah, rechargeable

    p/n: 8040.060.005 1 ZCH201 Charger for ZBA200 & ZBA400

    p/n: 8040.054.087 1 ZTR101 Tribrach without optical plummet

    p/n: 8040.064.001 1 ZDC301 USB Cable

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