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With functional and versatile configuration, a full range of features and a tough design, the Zeta series fit all your needs, getting an error-free job done – no matter what the situation or the environmental conditions might be. The robust and rugged design of the Zeta series has a proven IP rating for water and dust. The Zeta series are also equipped with a durable cast-aluminium housing that uses die casts and extrusions for superior strength. With a guarantee of ±10 arc sec. accuracy during levelling works and a grade setting control of up to 0.001 per cent, Zeta pipe lasers let you work close to error-free. In addition to the accurate levelling core, Zeta125s model features active cross axis compensation for any possible setup mistake. The GeoMax Zeta125 fits in tight bends and narrow manholes. Its slim build makes it suitable for pipes as small as 125mm diameter and the Zeta feet ensure users continue working in most any site situation. Keep working with Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack or an AC converter to keeprunning while charging.


With several procuct options to choose from you can find the right level for the job.  We offer two models (Zeta125 and Zeta125S). The Zeta125 has a class 2 laser while the  Zeta125S has a class 3R laser. In addition the Zeta125S has autoleveling features for quicker, better readings. A trivet option can be bought to help with larger pipes.

Zeta125 Series Pipe Levels

$4,180.00 Regular Price
$4,054.60Sale Price
  • Zeta125 model, Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, 110/230V AC converter (charge and run simultaneously); 12V power cord, various accessories



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