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A 32x Magnification Auto Level for $250.00. Built to last with the IP54 class specifications guaranteeing all weather operation of the ZAL100 Series. Provides you with an instrument that “Works when you do!”. 
Suitable for outdoor as well as for indoor use the user friendly ZAL100 Auto Level Series from GeoMax is your guarantee to get the job done, accurate and on time. Please note this level weighs 3-4 pounds but we use dimensional weight in the weight section of this product to accurately estimate shipping costs.
With the ZAL100 Series GeoMax introduces an automatic level to the construction industry designed for your daily levelling tasks with outstanding price-to-performance ratio.
-IP54 (Environmental Rating): Dust Protected & Splashes of Water will have no harmful effect.

ZAL132 32X Contruction Auto Level

  • Includes:

    Carrying Case, Level, Manual & Adjsutment Tools

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