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    *Calibrated after receipt from Seco and before shipping or delivery to end user. *

  • The Ultralite™ is the lightest, most user-friendly, pole on the market
  • TLV™ (Twist lock with vial) reduces weight while providing secure locking function
  • Two-section pole
  • Inner and outer poles are constructed of lightweight non-conductive fiberglass
  • Includes removable point and our patented Topo Boot®
  • Soft touch knob
  • 40-minute adjustable vial
  • Adjustable Tip (5/8 x 11)
  • Dual Grad (0.01 ft/cm)
  • 11.81 ft (3.60 m)
  • Weighs 2.50 lb (1.13 kg)

Seco 12ft Ultralite Prism Pole 5540-20

SKU: SE-5540-20
$299.77 Regular Price
$268.77Sale Price
  • 1) 12ft Prism Pole p/n: 5540-20 with removable point/topo shoe combo. 


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