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     This is the original GAMMON REEL® plumb line reel which was designed for use in the surveying field and comes with 6-1/2 feet or orange plumb line.

  • The GAMMON REEL® plumb line reel allows for simple and fast plumb bob set-up and adjustments. When you reach for your plumb bob the GAMMON REEL® plumb line reel is automatically in the palm of your hand.
  • When your plumb bob is not in use, the plumb line is quickly retracted in the GAMMON REEL® plumb line reel thus eliminating tangled, broken and muddy string and reducing neck burns and other plumb line accidents.
  • The bright red Myler® protected target also serves as a sight.
  • Plumb bob is not included.

Available in 3 models: 6.5ft Orange & White , 12ft. Orange & White, 12ft. Hi Viz Black & Red 

Need more information. See Gammon's Site Here

Gammon Reel Only - Choose Length/Style

$20.99 Regular Price
$19.48Sale Price
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