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Carlson Survey 2024. Why pay for constantly expensive alternatives that require you to re-learn massive workflows every year? Are you not using GIANT portions of competitive software but still forced to work around it? Well look no further than Carlson Survey for an easy CAD solution.

This version is to be used with intellicad or your PC's existing AutoCad engine (cannot be Autocad LT) . This is for customers needing a new license not an upgrade/crossgrade. If you need an upgrade or crossgrade, please call 888-3GET-GPS to get your price. For customers desiring Carlson Survey with an Autocad Engine, you need the Carlson Survey OEM version.

Carlson Survey 2024 with Intellicad or an existing Autocad Engine

  • Whats Included: License for Carlson Survey 2024 with IntelliCad

    Carlson Survey 2024 Highlights

    • Drone Mission Planning – New command to create a drone mission plan.
    • Carlson PhotoCapture – Added method to download files by file type.
    • Input/Entry Distance Scale – Added method to scale distances in many COGO commands such as Enter Deed Description.
    • Import Text/ASCII File – Added ability to read points from a SurvCE/Layout job database (.jdb) file. Added functions to save and load settings to a .rpnt file.
    • Import Distance/Angle File – Added field for deed name for importing multiple deeds.
    • Edit Process Raw Data – Added function to update the descriptions in the RW5 from a coordinate file. Added function to apply Field-to-Finish substitution codes to the descriptions in the RW5 file. Added report option for the description on the same line as the data. Added an optional warning on processing for points with a blank description. Added option to use a larger font for the spreadsheet. For processing GPS records added storing the lat/lon and RMS values to the CRDB as attributes.
    • Edit Process Level Data – Added method to adjust elevations based on the number of turns.
    • SurvNET – Added option to merge output point text file with control points.
    • Draw Points – Added option to label elevations in inches.
    • Point Group Manager – Added methods to create a point group of points unassigned to a group and to create group from point number suffix.
    • Field to Finish – Added ability to run Triangulate & Contour to draw contours or make a TIN of the points and polylines.
    • Added new utility feature. For pipe features, added ability for separate pipe feature settings per code, option to label structure names along the pipe and option to draw both pipe 3D faces and polylines. For tree features, added offset by tree symbol size as factor of text offset, added option to draw labels as MText and added settings to control order of input parameters. Added setting for annotative points per code. For GIS attributes on a line, added support for multiple attributes. Added option to match first symbol scale when creating a second symbol. New special code of OO for Offset Only that draws only the offset polyline. For OH offset horizontal special code, added method to repeat the offset multiple times. For hedge linetype, added ability to control width using OH or OFB special codes. For RECT special code, added setting for using a third point as a rectangle corner or an offset for the rectangle width. For text attributes prefix/suffix settings, as string of [DESC] gets replaced by the point description. Added method to draw only points with GPS status of Fixed. Added option to hide the drawing under the Mtext labels. Added support for using fixed parameters with multiple codes.
    • Offset Point Entry – Added option for slope stations.
    • Annotation – Added option to use a custom block for endpoint leaders. For Stack Label Arc and Annotate With Leader,
    • added option to create as MLeaders. For bearing leaders, added support for annotative leaders.
    • Line/Curve Table – Added option to draw the table as MText without the grid lines.
    • Stack Label Arc Auto Place – New command to automatically place the arc labels at the mid-point of the arc.
    • Stack Label Arc Pick Side – Added option whether to draw leader.
    • Label Angle – Added method to create an angle table. Added ability to handle 3D angles.
    • Distance Table – New command to create a distance table of pairs of points and distances.
    • Offset Dimensions – Added option to use CAD’s current dimension style.
    • Linetypes – Added method for multiple dashes between the symbol/letter such as —C—C—.
    • Legal Description – Added method to report exterior angles.
    • Map Check – Added support for azimuth format angles.
    • Deed Correlation – Added method to screen pick points.
    • Process Deed File – Added option to report using the Report Formatter.
    • Area Descriptions By Interior Text – New command to tag area descriptions by automatically finding text inside polylines.
    • Best Fit Line – Added method to screen pick CAD points, method to add more points to the calculation and option to set output layer.
    • Convert CRD to ASCII By Folder – New command to batch process converting coordinate files to text files.
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