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Please contact us for a detailed quote.These are available but not stocked and are sold as special order with direct training from Carlson as needeed. A specialist from Carlson Software will be assigned to work directly with you during and after the sale to adequately assess your needs and provide training on your specific applications.  Package Prices start at $69,999.00 ($59,999.00 under EOY 2021 promotion) and include a license of Carlson Point Cloud and AtlasScanworks. A large number of optional accessories are available and a pricesheet can be requested to see all of these options.  Product availability is 5-7 business days from time of order. Training can be provided via remote webinar or live on site. 


With a max 750 meter range, the Scan750 has short- and medium-range modes but lacks the 2000 meter longe range of its more expensive counterpart the scan2k. The Scane750 has a  capability to record over 500,000 points per second, all within the chosen scanning target window. Additionally, each laser pulse from the Scan750 records up to four returns, providing the capability to record the first return for a blocking object (such as a leaf) as well as the last return for an object behind it (such as a wall), and the versatility to exclude one or the other.

The Carlson Scan750 comes bundled with ATLAScan software, a powerful yet simple solution for registering the point cloud, as well as Carlson Point Cloud Advanced for feature extraction into Carlson’s suite of CAD office products.

The Scan750 comes ready to be equipped with an additional external camera, an external GNSS receiver, or for mobile operation.

Whether on a tripod, a vehicle, or another moving platform, the outstanding performance offered by the Scan750 easily makes it the most versatile terrestrial laser scanner on the market.




Carlson Scan750 Tripod Mounted Laser Scanner

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